Construction Supervisor License (CSL) Renewal
Effective July 1, 2013

Effective July 1, 2013 you must have 12 hours of continuing education credits to renew your CSL.  I’m getting calls from folks in a panic because their license renewal date is approaching and they do not yet have their credits.  The first question I ask is do you have any outstanding building permits?  If the answer is NO, you do not have a problem.  Your license will expire on the day after your renewal date but you have two years to renew it without having to retest.  Get your 12 hours of credit, renew your license, problem solved.  If the answer is YES, now you have a problem.  The day after your license renewal date your license expires and your building permits become void.  Under code section 110.R5.2.12 you are allowed to assign a licensed designee.  This is someone who can fill in for you until your license again become valid.

Construction Supervisor Training are offering Continuing Education classes at locations across the state. Classes are scheduled to start in Pittsfield, Greenfield, Springfield, Fitchburg, Worcester, Middleton, Canton, Franklin, Taunton, Dartmouth, Bourne, and Martha’s Vineyard.

This will be a 12 hour program to meet the state requirements for the unrestricted CSL. You will be required to have the 12 hours every two years to renew your license. No excess credit hours will be allowed to rollover into your next 2 year requirement.

State Mandate
The state has mandated the following hours.
    1 hour Lead Safe Practices (required for only the first renewal cycle)
    1 hour Code Review
    1 hour Workplace Safety
    1 hour Energy
    1 hour Business Practices / Workers’ Compensation
    7 hour Approved Electives

Our Program
Our program will focus almost entirely on code review.  The new building codes are becoming increasingly complicated and difficult to use.  The reason the state has mandated continuing education is in the hope that you may actually learn something.  Our program will include the following topics.
    1 hour Lead Safety
    1 hour Workplace Safety
    1 hour Energy
    1 hour Architectural Access
    2 hour Workers’ Compensation
    3 hour International Building Code ( IBC ) plus Mass Amendments
    3 hour International Residential Code ( IRC ) plus Mass Amendments

Classes will typically be one night per week for four weeks.  Each class will be three hours long.  The schedule will be as follows:
    Session 1    
            1 hour IBC code
            1 hour Lead Safety
            1 hour IRC code

    Session 2
            1 hour IBC code    
            1 hour Workplace Safety
            1 hour Workers Comp

    Session 3    
            1 hour IBC code
            1 hour Energy code
            1 hour IRC code

    Session 4  
            1 hour Workers Comp
            1 hour Access code
            1 hour IRC code

The IBC and IRC portions of the program will have a lot of flexibility depending upon the interests of the participants.  At the start of the program the instructor will take a survey to determine who does what kind of construction and if anyone has particular interests or needs that can be covered.

Architectural Access will cover 521 CMR with emphasis on Chapter 3, Jurisdiction.   If you own or upgrade commercial property you must know the rules to determine if your property has to be upgraded to meet the requirements of accessibility.  Same applies if you have a business in your home.  The remainder of the time will be spent looking at some of the details of construction.  Amazing how many people do not know how to do something simple like a handrail or a ramp.

Lead safety will not cover anything to do with lead abatement.  That is a separate license.  This training will be limited to identification of lead hazards in residential homes built prior to 1978.

Energy will be limited to the 2009 IECC chapters 1-4 for residential construction.

Workplace safety will be a review of 29 CFR Part 1926 for Construction commonly referred to as OSHA code.  Some of you may have an OSHA 30 or OSHA 10.  We are calling this an OSHA 1.  We will cover such fun topics such as what to do after you have fallen off the roof but before you hit the ground.

Worker’s Compensation will be covered in two parts.  Part one will be Workers’ Compensation requirements for the employer.  Part two will cover Workers’ Compensation benefits for the employee.  Whether you are an employer or an employee, guaranteed you will find this program will have some valuable information for you, your business or someone you know.

All CSL holders are required by the state to own code books.  Great.  Except that the new ICC code books are very expensive.  Since this course focuses on code it would be helpful if you had code books to bring to the program.  You can purchase books from us during the registration process, you can borrow books from your company or someone you know, or you can come with no books and just enjoy the ambiance.  

To complete this program and receive your continuing education credits all you have to do is show up.  No test.  The only requirement is time in seat.  You will be required to sign in before the program starts and sign out after it ends.  Credit will be given for attendance time only.

Cost of the program is $195 plus a $15 registration fee.  Code books are optional and are sold individually.

Construction Superviser Training is working to provide a reminder service to notify you of your renewal date and continuing ed classes available to you. Click to fill out THIS FORM and we'll be contacting you when your renewal date approaches.


CSL Continuing Education Coordinator

William Howland
Approval Number CSL-CD-0010

CSL Continuing Education Course Approval
12 hour CSL Continuing Education
Course Approval CS-1000

If you have any comments about this course offering, please mail them to :
Board of Building Regulations and Standards
Attn: Education Coordinator
1 Ashburton Place, Room 1301
Boston, MA 002108